• Ride on a bicycle on a wide path in the park. Do not ride on a bicycle in the crowd, on the lawn, on the paving stones, in the World Gardens, and on the path with 2m width or less.
  • Ornamental plants are grown inside the ropes. Appreciate them from the path.
  • Stay away from the Lily Train's track. Do not across them anywhere except at crossings.
  • Picking any seeds, plants and animals in the park is prohibited.
  • Please keep pets on a leash at all times. Please do not have your pet excrete on the lawn.Please clean up after your pet.
  • You can take a pet for a walk only on the wide paths with 6m width or more. Do not take a pet for a walk in playing facilities, a conservatory, the World Gardens or places where people rest.
  • Help keep the park clean. Please take your trash with you when leaving.